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Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai Tips on Kitchen Cupboard organizing. Now this cupboard is untidy This cupboard has 5 shelves The top row is packed with empty plastic containers This top row utilities are used rarely. The second shelf utilities are often used one. 3rd shelf is packed with masala boxes 4th shelf contains wheat flour, chilly powder, some grocery items The bottom most 5th shelf contains 2 drums for rice Ans also it contains extra trays, plates, tiffen boxes, etc. I am planning to organise this cupboard neatly. First measure the depth and height of the shelf. After measuring the length, height and depth of the shelves, plan to buy the trays accordingly These are the trays and baskets I bought to arrange my cupboard This tray is the bigger one than the other trays in terms of height This one is little smaller in height Do not clear off all the shelves, if not you may get confused to stack them back in the same shelf First clear off the first shelf and arrange the same At first clean from the top shelf, so that whatever the dust you clean will go down to the unclean shelf Arrange rarely usable things on the top shelf. These are all the extra things which are used very rarely Keep the rare use laddles in a cloth bag fold it and place it in the tray I arranged the top shelf things in this 3 trays. dispose the things that is not necessary. Now I placed the 3 trays Now its perfect and neat Now I will arrange the 2nd shelf I use this boxes to store grated coconut, coriander, curry leaves, green chilies, etc. I had stacked the boxes one on the above by keeping their lids separately Only 2 boxes fits in the 2nd shelf and arranged it neatly now. Now here is a small space available at the center of this 2 trays. I have arranged the extra spoons in a small box Now place this box in the space in center.

Now I am arranging the third shelf Place a paper inside this small tray and place all the oil containers in this tray In another tray I am placing the idly baking plates In the 3rd tray i have placed masala boxes Clean the top surface of the each shelf like this Now clean the surface using a wet cloth Use pest spray to avoid insects Leave it open for a while so that the smell goes out After the shelf is dry I placed the trays inside the shelf You can just pull the tray and pick the things that are required This is the fourth shelf Here wheat flour, oil container and other storage tins are placed. Now I will show you how to arrange this shelf This one is a empty container I have placed the oil container in a tray, with a paper placed in the tray. I removed all the empty containers out Here I have kept only wheat flour, chilly powder, kuzhambu powder, etc. In this big tray I am storing all grocery items bought from the shop Now clean out the bottom most shelf (5th) Arrange all the empty containers that you took from other shelves and place it to the back end of the shelf Now keep the rice drums in front of the empty container trays. Keep the extra hand gloves, towels, table mats in cloth bag. If you have disposable packets and tumblers, then store them too in a cloth bag.

Place the packed bags in a tray as shown here Keep the fruit bowls, pooja bowls, etc in other tray Now stack the trays one above the other in the gap next to the rice drum The top shelf is to store rare use things. The next shelf is to store often usable things The third shelf is to store masala items, oils, powders, etc. for easy access. Fourth shelf has flour items, oil container and groceries Fifth and bottom most shelf has rice drum, empty containers at back and other extra usable things. Now the untidy Kitchen Cupborad turned into a tidy Kitchen Cupboard Now it is easy to access each things as well as easy to clean the shelves. Check for more Kitchen organizing tips in my channel. I hope this Kitchen cupboard organizing video might be useful. Share it with your friends and give us your feed back

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